Can High Winds Break Windows? What Every FL Homeowner Should Know

Hurricanes are an all too frequent occurrence for homeowners in South Florida. These massive storms can cause countless damages to a home in only a short amount of time.

Staying proactive by investing in impact windows and doors is essential in providing your house with the best protection against hurricane-force winds. Understanding the difference between traditional and impact windows is vital to ensure you are always well-prepared for a hurricane.

Here is an overview of how impact windows come designed to withstand high winds compared to traditional windows.


#1) State of the Art Technology

Alco Impact Window SketchImpact windows are a popular option for residents in Florida due to their innovative design. These hurricane windows include three layers for maximum protection against flying projectiles.

The outer layer of impact products comprises glass, while the inner layer uses a polyvinyl butyryl (PVD) compound. These three layers are fused through lamination or heat-treatment to provide you with state of the art protection than can withstand continual wind speeds up to 200 MPH.


#2) Shatter-Proof Design

Cracked Impact GlassOne of the most significant differences between using impact glass compared to traditional windows is the shatter-proof design. The internal PVD polymer prevents the glass from shattering everywhere and causing additional damages.

On the other hand, standard windows can easily break due to wind pressure or flying objectives. These large shards of glass can cause significant injuries and even lead to death. However, you will have peace of mind knowing you are much safer using impact windows due to their shatter-proof design.


#3) In-Depth Testing Process

JPL_Pneumatic_cannon_used_in_impact_testing_355-1387bcImpact products also separate themselves from traditional windows by going through an in-depth testing process to ensure they offer you the best protection against a hurricane. These impact windows must undergo a design pressure test composed of three different sections.

These tests include air pressure, water penetration, and structural testing. Impact resistance testing is also required for impact products in South Florida due to hurricanes' frequent occurrence. All of these tests ensure that impact windows give you the most significant level of protection against a storm.


#4) Less Time Needed to Prepare for a Hurricane

Hurricane GlassOne of the benefits of using impact windows is that it saves you much time from preparing your home for a hurricane. Covering traditional windows with plywood or installing shutters is a time-consuming process that requires much work.

However, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy by having impact windows installed throughout your home. You can focus on more critical preparations, such as stockpiling plenty of food and water or making an evacuation plan instead of spending extra time in securing your windows.


#5) Additional Benefits of Impact Windows

Man boarding up windowTraditional windows require shutters for an added layer of protection against strong winds. However, these shutters often decrease the curb appeal of your home and taking these shutters down after each hurricane requires a lot of storage space.

Impact windows don't need any extra protection, and you can choose from a wide variety of styles to boost the appearance of your home. These impact windows also give you additional protection from break-ins due to their innovative design.


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