Understanding the Capabilities (and Limits) of Impact-Resistant Glass

Impact-resistant glass is a popular option for homeowners and businesses throughout South Florida. Hurricanes are always a constant threat. 

Taking the necessary precautions against severe weather is essential in staying safe while also staying in compliance with local Florida building codes.

Understanding the capabilities and limitations of impact-resistant windows is vital in giving you and your family the best protection against the ever-evolving forces of mother nature.


Alco Impact Window SketchThe Purpose of Impact Glass

The primary purpose of installing impact glass in your home or business is its ability to withstand the force of flying debris from severe storms and hurricanes. 

Impact-resistant windows use a shatter-resistant film that protects you from flying shards of glass. This thin layer of film makes the glass much more stable. The inner layer helps to hold the glass together and withstand the impact of flying objects from hurricane-force winds. 

Typically, impact-resistant windows combine tempered and laminated glass to give you the best protection available. Heavy-duty frames are also designed to keep the glass in place and are much stronger than traditional window frames. These windows undergo an extensive testing process to ensure your home or business can withstand the impact of hurricane-force winds.


Burglar breaking inWhat Impact Products CAN Do

Impact-resistant windows play a crucial role in keeping you well-protected against the damaging impact of a hurricane.

You will never have to worry about installing hurricane shutters, as these windows give you around the clock protection. Using laminated glass saves you much time and makes it much easier to prepare for a hurricane. 

Impact glass also makes it nearly impossible for criminals to break into your home or business. Criminals are much more likely to focus on easier targets instead of spending extra time trying to break the impact-resistant glass.

This added layer of protection will give you peace of mind and help you sleep much more comfortably at night.


bullet piercing glassWhat Impact Products Won't Accomplish

Impact-resistant glass offers the best protection against flying debris from hurricanes and severe weather. However, impact products do have a few limitations.

For example, impact-resistant glass isn't bulletproof, as you will need to reach out to a specialized manufacturer if you are interested in using bullet-resistant glass. 

Understanding the limitations of impact-resistant glass is essential before you invest. The cost of installing impact-resistant glass throughout your home or business is much more expensive than traditional windows.

However, you can choose from various financing options to help you pay for these windows and enjoy the many benefits of using impact glass.


Happy family in homeOther Benefits to Consider

Impact-resistant windows also offer many other benefits besides protection from flying debris due to hurricane-force winds. Impact glass is an excellent way to reduce outside noise, which creates a much more peaceful environment in your house.

The use of insulating glass also improves energy efficiency for your home. Most insurance providers offer premium discounts if you install impact-resistant glass throughout your home. These cost savings can rapidly add up over time and save you plenty of cash. 

Impact-resistant glass is also an excellent way to boost the curb appeal of your house. You can choose from an almost countless number of styles from a variety of manufacturers of laminated glass. Reaching out to a professional installer is always a great option to learn more about the numerous benefits of impact-resistant glass.


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