The Benefits of Upgrading to Impact Windows


Impact windows improve the security of your home, lead to fewer monthly heating and cooling expenses, and can even improve the resale value of your home. Below are a few more benefits to consider. 

Impact Windows are a Great Investment 

Impact windows often pay for themselves and outperform other kinds of home upgrades. The nice thing about impact windows is that they go beyond a single-room remodeling and provide significant ROI for your entire home or business. 

Whether you plan on living in your home for years to come and reaping those benefits directly or passing on the savings onto a new homeowner, impact windows make sense because they offer immediate and extended benefits. 

Improve Your Home's Appearance 

You'll improve the appearance and safety of your home from day one and get energy-efficiency related benefits and lower monthly expenses. 

Impact windows can provide all of these benefits when installed properly and give you a lot of contemporary styles to choose from. 

You can get the exact style match and color to complement your home, and having impact windows professionally installed definitely beats running up a ladder and installing shutters yourself. 


Reduce Noise 

Impact windows use laminated glass, which really reduces outside noise. The Sound Transmission Coefficient scale is used to evaluate how well impact windows block out noise. Turns out impact windows do a fantastic job keeping outside noise out. 


Easy Installation 

Putting up shutters every time that you see an inclement weather warning on the television can be a real hassle...and it could even be dangerous if you have to scale a ladder and fasten things down in a hurry. Impact windows, by contrast, only need to be installed once. 


Protect Against Flying Debris  

And impact windows only need to be installed once, as opposed to shutters and screens, which might need to be repeatedly taken off and cleaned depending on the weather. 

The top impact window manufacturers offer glass tints that reduce heat transmission and a layer of inner argon gas to reflect outdoor heat. 

Just to give you an idea of how strong impact windows are, consider that these kinds of windows are designed to withstand debris flying at category-5 hurricane levels of force (156 MPH or higher). 

Impact windows are designed to take the impact of flying objects without shattering into a million pieces. 


Protect Against Break-in Attempts 

Impact windows provide a buffer against flying debris and wind damage while protecting your family against forced break-ins as well. 

Impact windows are designed to take the impact and form a "spider" pattern without the threat of fracturing shards of glass flying into your home. 

Two layers of tempered glass (inner and outer) sandwich an inner layer of shatter-proof polyvinyl material with impact windows. That technology protects your family against bad weather and break-in attempts. 


Get Greater Energy Efficiency 

Simply put, energy-efficient impact windows can save you potentially hundreds of dollars every month by reducing heat gain in the summer and keeping heat in your home in the winter months. 

In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends that homeowners all across the country consider installing energy-efficient impact windows. 

Traditional windows, which are highly energy inefficient, are responsible for a quarter to a third of the average homeowner's heating and cooling costs. That amount of waste really adds up. 

Why use outdated window technology if you can upgrade to energy-efficient impact windows that look great from the day of installation and provide years of lower heating and cooling costs? 

Impact windows are unparalleled in giving you more energy efficiency, safety, aesthetics, and customized options at an affordable price. 

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