Maximize Commercial Window Replacements With Impact Products

Replacing commercial windows with impact windows is an excellent investment for property managers. Impact products provide the ultimate barrier against severe weather while providing attractive curb appeal for any property . When looking for maximum protection for your real estate investments, look no further than impact windows!

Still unsure if impact windows are the right choice for your commercial window replacements?

Let's explore just some of the many benefits you can expect from this investment.



#1) Maximum Durability & Longevity

Looting BusinessOne of the primary benefits of using impact windows is their incredibly durable construction. Impact windows are designed to handle nature's most severe storms - an especially beneficial factor for businesses located in hurricane-prone South Florida.

Impact windows are also a great way to prevent break-in attempts, either from burglary or social unrest. Impact windows are designed to splinter instead of shatter when subjected to blunt-force impact. Even the most determined looter will move on to another target after multiple failed break-in attempts. Impact windows can provide this delay!



Give your business the highest level of security, and you will have the peace of mind to know that your company is always well-protected against theft.



#2) Superior UV Filtering

UV FilteringAnother advantage of investing in impact windows is their ability to block 99% of ultraviolet rays from entering a structure's interior. UV filtering prevents the discoloration of fabrics while also protecting residents from the damaging effects of sun exposure.

UV filtering is especially beneficial for anyone living in Florida, where the sun is bright for much of the day. Ultimately, this feature creates a safer working environment while also keeping any products near windows well-protected from UV rays. 






#3) Energy Efficiency

thermostatUtility bills can quickly get expensive during the hot summer months in Florida. However, you can reduce your electric bill by investing in impact windows for your business. Impact windows improve energy efficiency by reducing the amount of solar heat that penetrates through the windows.

These impact windows are also beneficial in the winter, as they can retain heat inside your business. Saving on your electric bill will improve the bottom line for your company, and it is just one of the many benefits of installing impact windows.





#4) Increased Property Value

Curb AppealInstalling impact windows is a great way to increase your property value. The vast majority of insurance providers also offer premium discounts for impact windows due to their extreme durability. Impact windows are also eligible for tax creditsdue to the energy-saving properties. Ultimately, these cash savings can quickly add up for your business, as impact windows are an excellent long-term investment for commercial property owners in Florida.






#5) One-Time Installation Ease

Installation EaseImpact windows only require a one-time installation, saving you from the hassle of installing and uninstalling window protectants before and after a major storm. These windows consist of multiple layers of glass and synthetic material to produce the ultimate protection against flying debris during severe weather. These windows also allow you to see outside during a storm - a superior option to plywood or bulky hurricane shutters for tenant peace of mind.





Impact Windows - A Fantastic Replacement for Commercial Windows

Impact windows are the best available product on the market for property managers and business owners looking to replace their existing windows.

Alco Windows and Doors is one of the top companies that specializes in large-scale commercial window replacements throughout South Florida. We offer the highest grade of impact windows available at a competitive price, and we take pride in providing top-quality customer support. Our staff members are highly experienced and we are happy to answer any of your questions to discuss the many benefits of impact windows.

Contact us today to learn more about using impact windows for all of your commercial window replacement needs!

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