New Constructions Benefit from Installing Impact Windows. Here's Why.

Choosing to invest in impact window installation for new construction offers numerous advantages for Florida building contractors. These windows are highly durable and can easily withstand most of the high winds caused by hurricanes and severe weather. 

Impact windows are also a cost-effective investment that can save both property managers and homeowners lots of time and energy from constantly repairing windows due to storm damage.

Here are five reasons impact windows are beneficial for new construction projects - especially in Florida!


#1) Maximum Strength

The main advantage of investing in impact windows for new construction projects is that it maximizes the strength for the entire house. These impact windows are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds because they consist of several layers of synthetic material and glass.

You will have peace of mind knowing your constructions are well-protected from flying debris and severe storms that are such a common occurrence throughout the state of Florida.


#2) Energy Efficiency

An added benefit of impact windows is their energy efficiency. These windows are a great option to counteract the extreme heat and humidity in Florida. Impact windows use the latest technology in the industry to increase energy efficiency while still keeping your home well-protected. Ultimately, these cost savings add up over time and are one of the many benefits of investing in impact windows.


#3) Protection from UV Rays

Ultraviolet light can cause significant health problems while also damaging the fabric of furniture and other household items. However, impact windows provide an added layer of protection from the dangers of UV rays. Impact windows will protect items in homes from fading due to the sun, which is especially important for residents in Florida. 


#4) Enhanced Security

Impact windows not only protect residents from severe weather, but are also a great option to keep homes secure from outside intruders. These windows are highly durable and make it almost impossible for criminals to shatter compared to traditional windows. This added level of security will give residents the peace of mind to know that their families are well-protected at all times with impact windows.


#5) Noise Reduction

Outside noise is a significant problem for anyone living in a multi-family complex or urban area. However, impact windows can provide homes much-needed peace and quiet by reducing outside noise. These windows will allow residents to enjoy spending time with friends and family without the constant interruption of loud noises outside.


Impact Windows - An Excellent Investment for New Construction Projects

Impact windows offer a wide variety of benefits for new construction throughout the state of Florida. These windows are designed for maximum strength, energy efficiency, protection from UV rays, security enhancement, and noise reduction.

Alco Windows and Doors understands the importance of keeping Florida residents well-protected from severe storms through the installation of impact windows. Our team members are always available to answer questions, as we always focus on providing the best customer support.

Contact Alco Windows and Doors to learn more information about how we can assist building contractors in installing impact windows for new construction projects!


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