Vinyl or Aluminum Window Frames? Does the Difference Matter?

Purchasing new window frames for your home is a substantial investment. When spending money on essential home renovations, understanding your options is critical! The right window frames can both boost your home's curb appeal AND reduce your energy bill. 

While the team at Alco recommends impact windows for Florida homeowners, there are significant differences between frame options for these products. Here is an overview of both vinyl or aluminum frames for your impact windows.


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Benefits of Vinyl Frames

Vinyl frames have been around for a long time and are a proven way to improve your home's energy efficiency. Saving on your electricity bill is especially vital during the hot summer months of South Florida! 

Some reliable benefits of vinyl window frames include:

  • They are less likely to expand and contract than wood frames, which can warp glass and cause gaps in your home's insulation.
  • Their durability means you won't have to worry about any dents from flying objects like aluminum frames. 
  • These window frames are highly durable and only require minimal maintenance. Simply use a cloth rag to wipe down window frames a few times a year.


Drawbacks of Vinyl Frames

While vinyl frames offer numerous benefits, they do have a few drawbacks you need to consider: 

  • There are fewer color and style options to match your home's design compared to other window frames. 
  • Dark vinyl frames may fade over time due to direct sunlight exposure, leaving you with a dull look to your home's exterior.



Benefits of Aluminum Frames

Aluminum window frames have grown in popularity in recent years as a viable alternative to vinyl. In fact, this option is now the second most popular frame material, eclipsing both wood and PVC. 


Some reliable benefits of aluminum window frames include:

  • Aluminum lasts longer. These products will usually last 20 to 25 years before needing a replacement, eclipsing vinyl as the longevity winner.

  • Their overall durability comes in a close second to vinyl. These products can withstand the outside elements and take significant storm damage to show dents or punctures. 

  • Choose from a wide range of colors and styles to further boost the curb appeal of your home. Homeowners will never have to worry about repainting these frames if you invest in a baked-on or anodized finish. If customization is necessary, aluminum is the way to go! 

  • Aluminum window frames (sold by Alco) come coated with a duranar/kynar finish, preventing metallic corrosion due to water. Additionally,  stainless steel screws ensure no rust will develop. Just make sure to avoid any products using anodize steel!

  • Aluminum often has a bad reputation for increasing energy bills due to its ability to collect heat from the sun. This industry myth is not an accurate statement! Any increase in temperature on the frames will have a negligent effect on your home's overall interior climate.


Drawbacks of Aluminum Frames 

While aluminum window frames are enjoying an increase in popularity, they do come with downsides you need to be aware of:

  • Aluminum windows are usually more expensive than vinyl window frames. Always compare multiple bids to find the best available deal, as prices fluctuate based on the installer and time of year.



Should You Replace or Repair Your Window Frames?

Deciding to replace or repair your window frames is a critical choice when considering home renovations. 

Single pane windows often create a drafty environment. Choosing to replace them can limit heat transfer and improve your home's energy efficiency. Repair these basic options will just cause your home more issues over time!

On the other hand, homeowners can often repair double-pane windows without the need for a complete replacement. 

With both options, the critical factor will often come down to the health of the window frames. Rotting window frames are usually not worth trying to fix, as the cost can be more expensive than simply replacing them outright.


Why You Need Impact Glass Replacement Windows

Replacing all of your windows and doors with impact glass is a great way to give your home a state-of-the-art upgrade your family deserves.

In addition to superior protection from severe weather, impact replacement windows have several ancillary benefits too!

  • Impact windows help protect from break-ins due to their robust design. It takes considerable time to break through these panes, and home invaders usually like quick and easy targets!
  • Choosing to invest in impact glass windows is also an effective way to reduce outside noise and limit UV rays. 
  • Installing impact windows often opens up savings opportunities with your home insurance company, saving you money!


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Our Recommendation for Homeowners

Alco recommends investing in aluminum window frames for your home. You always want to balance both strength and longevity when installing window frames, and aluminum is the best balance of the two. 

The heat transfer from the metal frames only has a negligent impact on heating your home, as you won't have to worry about a significant increase in your utility bills. 

We work with all major impact glass brands, as customer satisfaction is always our number one priority.


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