What Are Impact Windows?

Understanding how to protect your home is essential for anyone living in a hurricane-prone area. Of course, "What are impact windows?" is a common question for many homeowners. 

Flying debris can easily shatter standard glass windows, so installing impact glass is necessary for homeowners in South Florida. Impact-resistant windows are specifically designed with laminated glass to provide the best hurricane protection. 

The laminated and tempered glass also goes through numerous rounds of testing during the manufacturing process to ensure it can withstand the impact of wind-borne debris from even the strongest hurricanes.


What Makes a Window Impact-Resistant?

Alco Impact Window SketchImpact-resistant windows offer superior protection against flying debris from high wind speeds due to their innovative design. Installing impact windows for your home can help you stay in compliance with local building codes. 

The interior heat-strengthed glass provides much greater protection than traditional windows, and it also includes a glass film to help prevent shards of glass from breaking and blowing into your home.

Impact-resistant window glass also offers many other benefits, such as reducing outside noises, providing UV-ray protection, and improving energy efficiency for your home.


Do Impact Windows Protect Against a Hurricane?

Impact windows for your home play a critical role in giving South Florida homes much-needed hurricane protection. Each pane of glass is specifically designed to protect your home against flying debris from a hurricane. 

Installing impact window glass for your house also saves you a lot of time, as you don't have to put up hurricane shutters or nail plywood boards to cover all of the openings in your home. Impact windows and doors can also help you reduce your insurance premiums, leading to significant cost savings over time.


Types of Impact Windows

Impact-resistant windows are available in numerous styles. These different styles of impact glass windows include single/double-hung, casement, sliding, and picture windows. An experienced installation contractor for impact window glass in South Florida can help you find the best style for your home.

Here is an overview of the different types of impact windows available.


Single/Double-Hung Impact Windows

SIngle-Hung-Window-1Single and double-hung impact windows are often the most popular options available on the market. A single-hung window only has one operational sash, while double-hung windows include two.

These windows are highly versatile, and you can choose from a variety of colors, which makes them perfect for nearly any style of home. 



Casement Impact Windows

Project-OutAwning-WindowCasement impact windows swing on a hinge, as they can either move horizontally or vertically. These windows are a great choice if you want to open these windows partially or keep them fully open.

Casement windows also provide additional security due to their design, as they are an excellent option for hurricane protection.



Sliding Impact Windows

Sliding-DoorsSliding impact windows are similar to double-hung windows, except imagine the product turned on its side. These windows are perfect for low-ceiling homes or if you are limited on space.

Sliding impact windows are easy to clean and you can choose from numerous color options to best match the style of your house.



Picture Impact Windows

Picture-WindowPicture impact windows remain in a fixed position, as they don't open, slide, or close. These types of windows are great for maximizing natural light in our home while also providing a beautiful view.

You can customize these windows to best match the design of your home, and they are simple for you to clean.



Benefits of Impact Windows

Impact windows for your home do much more than offer hurricane protection. The benefits of impact glass include limiting outside noises, increasing the value of your home, and making it much more difficult for criminals to break into your house. 

Impact-resistant windows also greatly reduce the number of UV rays, which helps to protect your indoor items from fading over time. Improving your home’s energy efficiency is another one of the many benefits of impact glass, as they are an excellent investment for homeowners.


Negatives of Impact Windows

One of the drawbacks of installing impact-resistant windows for your home can be a costly investment. However, you can choose from various financing programs available to help you afford impact glass windows and doors. 

A few of the most popular financing programs available include Ygrene Financing and PACE Financing.

Hiring an experienced installer of impact windows is also essential to ensure you are well-pleased with the final results.


How to Install an Impact Window

Trying to install impact windows on your own isn't recommended, especially if you don't have much experience. Working with a professional installer for impact glass and doors will save you a lot of hard work, and you will know the job is done right without anyone taking shortcuts. 

An experienced installer will also follow the latest building codes in your area to provide you with the best hurricane protection.


Who Should Install My Impact Windows?

Finding the right installer for impact-resistant windows is key to ensuring the job is done right. Looking at online reviews from past customers can help you determine if a contractor is a right fit or if you need to look at other options.


Getting multiple bids is also a good idea to ensure you receive a fair price for installing impact glass in your home. This step takes extra time, but it's well worth it to ensure you find the best installer of impact windows in your area.


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