What are the Benefits of Retrofit Vinyl Windows?

Choosing to retrofit your vinyl windows is an excellent option for anyone living in South Florida. Retrofitting a window allows you to leave the original window frame in its place, and the new window is installed and sealed with the existing window frame. 

Many homeowners choose to retrofit their windows due to the minimal demolition involved, and it's a much quicker installation process over traditional options. Partnering with an experienced window installation company in Miami is always recommended for proper installation.

Let’s look at why you should consider Retrofit Vinyl Windows for your next home installation project.


Important Note:

If you’re a Miami-Dade resident, choosing to self-install comes with certain guidelines to remember. According to county code, an unlicensed homeowner can replace one window or door by themselves without pulling a permit once every 12 months (on a rolling calendar basis.)  


How are Vinyl Windows Different From Other Options?

Vinyl window frames are manufactured using polyvinyl chloride (PVC), commonly found in building materials. These windows are an excellent choice for many homeowners due to their numerous benefits. 

Retrofit vinyl windows are especially beneficial in South Florida because they are resistant to corrosion due to intense UV rays. The sun may not seem like a concern when it comes to windows, but the UV rays are incredibly damaging to frames and can cause them to degrade faster than in other areas of the country.

Here are some additional benefits to consider when considering retrofit vinyl windows.


1) Save Money Over Traditional Window Options

Vinyl retrofit fit options are a great choice for anyone searching for a cost-effective upgrade to their home. Vinyl windows are more affordable than most options, with alumninum being the exception.(this is not the case for thermally-broken alumninum frames). 

Getting multiple bids from a window installation company is always a great idea in helping you compare prices. Asking for recommendations is also helpful in choosing the best installers for retrofit windows.


2) Explore More Customization Options

Installing vinyl windows for your home also gives you the flexibility to customize them in numerous ways. You can choose from several grille patterns and profiles for your windows. 

Multiple hardware options are also available, whether you prefer sliding windows, casement windows, single pane, and other window materials to best match the style of your home.


3) Increase Your Home’s Value

An added benefit of retrofitting vinyl windows is that it helps to boost the value of your house. These windows offer a great return on investment and can dramatically increase your entire property's curb appeal. Potential buyers will immediately notice these windows, as they can play a crucial role in making a solid first impression on each visitor to your home.


4) Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Finding ways to cut down on utility costs is often a top priority for homeowners. Keeping the energy bill down in the summer months is especially difficult for older homes in Florida. 

Investing in retrofit vinyl windows is one of the most effective ways to create a much more energy-efficient home. The material is the main reason. Vinyl is of very low conductive material when it comes to heat transfer.

These efficient windows will make it much easier to keep your home feeling comfortable without costing you as much money on your utility bill.


5) Vinyl Windows Are Highly Durable

Retrofit vinyl windows are also designed to last for years before you need to consider a replacement. These windows are weather-resistant, which is especially important in South Florida due to the hot weather and the potential threat of hurricanes. 

Vinyl windows can easily withstand periods of rainy weather without suffering any damage. The average lifespan of vinyl windows is around 20 years.

Quality brands like Custom Window Systems (CWS) warranty their vinyl frames for 30 years. They're not prone to rust or adverse reactions to predominantly saltwater atmospheres found mainly on the coasts.


6) Put in Minimal Maintenance Time

Another one of the benefits of retrofit vinyl windows is that they only require a minimal amount of maintenance. For example, you will only need some mild detergent and water to clean vinyl window frames. 

You also don't have to worry about any chips or scratches on the frame. Vinyl windows won't fade over time, as they will still look great for many years with only a minimal amount of maintenance.


7) Vinyl is Resistant TO Pests

Dealing with pests is an all too common experience with wooden frames. Homeowners must constantly be on the lookout for termites and other problems to ensure wood windows will last without any significant issues. 

Additionally, installing retrofit vinyl windows for your home is an excellent choice due to their resiliency against pests. You won't ever have to worry about a termite infestation by installing vinyl frames for your home.


8) Experience a Simpler Installation Process

Vinyl frames are more cost-effective than wooden windows due to their speedier installation process. An experienced window installation team can easily retrofit vinyl windows without experiencing any major issues. 

Vinyl is also much lighter and more versatile than a wooden frame, making installation much easier for the crew members.


9) Enjoy a Quieter Home 

Constantly dealing with loud outside noises is never a fun experience for homeowners. Due to their design, older windows often make it difficult to block out these noises. Installing vinyl windows for your home is an excellent way to lessen outside noises and ensure your home is much quieter. 

You can easily relax with retrofit windows without worrying about constant interruptions from outside.


10) Choose From a Variety of Color Options

Vinyl windows are available in numerous color options. Many brands provide a combination of neutral shades and a few bold options. Comparing the different color schemes is a good idea to help you find the best window options to match the style of your home. 

Checking out a few homes with vinyl windows is also a great way to understand these windows' appearance better. Alco Windows and Doors conveniently offers a showroom in Palmetto Bay for visitors to get a hands-on walkthrough of retrofit window options.


11) Vinyl Won't Warp or Rot Over Time

Wood frames are prone to warp or even rot over time. This progressive decay can negatively impact your home's curb appeal while also costing you a lot of money. 

Choosing to install vinyl windows is a great way to avoid these issues, as you will never have to worry about them warping or rotting due to the weather. 

These windows can last for years without any issues, which is just one of the many benefits of retrofit vinyl windows.


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