What are the Most Popular Impact Window Brands?

Impact windows offer several advantages to homeowners such as hurricane protection, protection from break-ins, noise reduction, and better insulation from heat and the cold. If you’re looking to add impact windows to your home there is no shortage of brands to choose from. Here is a brief overview of the most popular impact window manufacturers.

The Eleven Most Popular Impact Window Manufacturers

  1. Andersen manufactures impact resistant windows under their Stormwatch line of products. What makes Andersen stand out is the sheer variety of options they offer for window styles and designs while still offering impact resistant glass. Their product lines include A-Series, E-Series, and the 400 Series. The A-Series stresses the strongest protective features, the E-Series design variety with over 50 design choices, and the 400 series stresses affordability. Glass options can add insulation, tinting, UV resistance, or increased noise reduction depending on your need.
  2. Marvin offers the IZ Certified StormPlus line for protection against coastal storm conditions. Their windows are notable for a stylish design and resemble more traditional windows while still protecting from heavy wind and rain. Their windows are also UV resistant and come with a 20-year warranty. They can also be designed to meet Sea Turtle Conservation Codes if you are concerned about reflected light negatively impacting the local turtle population.
  3. Pella manufacturers impact resistant windows under the brand Hurricane Shield. Their windows are triple layered and Pella claims their windows could withstand a 2x4 traveling at 50 feet per second. In addition to protecting from strong winds, such sturdy glass is resistant to general damage, break-ins, reduces noise, and blocks 100% of UV rays. In addition to this, their windows meet Energy Star specifications for energy efficiency.
  4. PGT Industries markets their impact windows under the name WinGuard. They highlight the durability of their windows claiming they are stronger than a car windshield, stay in their panel even if cracked and could withstand impact forces of nine pounds traveling at 34 miles per hour. Their windows also offer the standard features of noise reduction and 99% UV ray protection. Aluminum or vinyl frames are available and windows come with a 10-year warranty.
  5. Simonton Windows markets their StormBreaker Plus line specifically for the coastal regions of the country. Located in Dade County Florida their windows meet the high standards of the local county building codes and also those of the Texas Department of Insurance. In addition to being hurricane compliant, these windows also reduce outside sound by 50%, block 99% of UV rays, are shatter resistant, help prevent break-ins, and are energy efficient.
  6. Weather Shield manufacturers impact resistant windows under their Premium Coastal product line. Their windows are designed to resist the high-speed winds hurricane commonly cause in southern regions of Florida. These sturdy windows are also soundproof, block UV rays, and resist shattering. A triple layer design also protects from damage from flying debris or impact damage.
  7. Eco Window Systems. Based in Miami Eco Window Systems manufacturers impact resistant windows under various series lines such as 50, 100, 200, 500, and others. Their windows use a PVB internal layer between two panes of glass and can block impact damage traveling at 34 MPH. They offer several different window designs such as single hung, horizontal roller, fixed window, and casement window designs which make them suitable for a variety of different home designs. In addition to being storm resistant, their windows also block damaging UV light and have different tint options available.
  8. WinDoor manufacturers all their windows to have impact options that are fully certified by the Florida DBPR, Miami Dade NOA, and the Texas Department of Insurance. Their product lines include vinyl, aluminum, and thermally broken Aluminum choices offering an assortment of designs. Their windows are also energy efficient and have a variety of finishes and glass options such as tinting available. Long-term warranties are available ranging from 3 to 10 years depending on the product selected.
  9. CGI Windows offers product lines at different prices points and design concepts to fit your impact window needs. The Sparta Collection is a good choice if you're looking to upgrade to impact-resistant windows at an affordable price. The Targa line of vinyl windows offers strong protection and Energy Star efficiency. The Sentinel Line offers good all-around performance and features offering protection, energy efficiency, and affordability. Finally, the Estate Collection offers the highest in elegance and design and combine storm protection with handcrafted stylish designs.
  10. Mr. Glass. Based in Miami Mr. Glass offers window solutions for both homes and business. Residential products include single hung, slider, and picture style windows. They also offer doors and more unique items such as glass railing. Their windows have been certified and tested for missile impact, theft prevention, and resistance to air and water intrusion by 3rd party testing.
  11. ES Windows. Originally founded in 1988 ES Windows offers decades of design experience and innovation. Their product lines cover many different design philosophies and needs while still offering hurricane and storm protection. The Prestige line focuses on modern design trends such as narrow minimalistic lines combined with energy efficiency, corrosion resistance, and color options. The Elite line offers modern residential home design, energy efficiency, and many different design options such as size, color, finishes, and glass options. Their products are NFRC and NOA certified.

Final Thoughts

Impact windows are the most popular type of window if you live in a hurricane zone and you have a lot of reputable manufacturers to choose from who make quality products. When selecting a window consider what level of certification the window has as while many can withstand Category 5 hurricanes not all can so consider your local weather hazards. Also, take into consideration design options and the length of the warranty when selecting an impact window brand.

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