What are the Best Impact Window Brands?

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Florida ranks as the number one state with the most homes at risk for storm damage. As a homeowner in Florida, you've probably experienced a significant storm or two in your lifetime. This means you know that protecting your home is the first priority when choosing windows.

Impact windows are a popular solution for homeowners looking to stay safe in the face of storms. But how do you make the right choice with so many impact window options? 

We've rounded up the best impact window brands right here!


Learn More About Impact Windows:

The Benefits of Impact Windows

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Learning about the benefits of impact windows can help you make an informed decision if you're still on the fence. Safety and an increase in home value are two top reasons, but there are many other advantages!


1) Operational Reliability

Impact windows are constructed with the highest quality materials. But they're also heavily user-focused, making it easy to operate in extreme situations.

Most brands offer long-term warranties to ensure you can enjoy your windows for years to come.


2) Healthier Homes

Our homes have a significant effect on our health! With impact windows, you can ensure your home environment supports your wellbeing.

Impact windows can increase vitamin D exposure, improve air quality, and lead to better sleep!


3) Stronger Home Security

Any window that can withstand a hurricane will deter criminals from entering your home. Properly installed storm windows are strong enough not to shatter when smashed. So, what does this mean for your family's safety?

If a burglar attempts to enter your home, impact windows will act as a deterrent. Unlike standard windows, they're constructed with several layers of material - tough enough to ward off criminals!


4) Exterior Noise Reduction

Getting a moment's peace can be challenging if you live near a busy highway or just in a particularly loud neighborhood. Soundproofing your home comes in many forms, but none as simple as installing impact windows.

Installing these windows means creating a tight seal to block out street noise. And thanks to the thick, multi-layer design of impact windows, you'll be able to enjoy your home in peace.


Free questions to ask impact windows installers checklist


5) UV Ray Filtering

Floridians love the hot sun, but we also need a break from it now and then. You won't have much protection from harmful UV rays if your home has standard windows.

The stronger, UV-protected glass of impact windows provides much more coverage.


6) Lower Utility Bills

Leaky, drafty windows are one of the main reasons utility bills skyrocket when the weather changes. They allow heat to sneak into your home during the summer and heat to escape in colder seasons. But impact windows can quickly solve this issue.

The U.S Department of Energy estimates that impact windows can save you 10% to 30% on energy costs. Look at ENERGY Star Ratings to ensure you're getting your money's worth.


7) A More Comfortable Home

The most significant benefits of impact windows are most evident during a storm. Other methods of storm protection, like shutters, can leave you in the dark during a hurricane. Impact windows provide essential light when the power is affected by storms.


8) A Significant Return on Investment

One of the best impact window features is the many ways they can save you money. Many insurance companies offer a premium discount for newly installed impact windows. This tidy sum can help to offset the initial costs of installation!


The Best Impact Window Brands for South FL Residents

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If you need help choosing the best impact window brands, we've got the answers right here. We highly recommend these eleven impact window manufacturers!


Eco Windows Logo1) Eco Window Systems

This newer Miami-based company is only 15 years old, but its reputation is first-class. They offer various options in windows, sliding doors, swing doors, bi-fold, and pivot doors. They only provide aluminum frame products. 

All window options use a PVB internal layer wedged between the glass. This technology blocks impact damage while traveling at 34 miles/hour. They also offer UV resistance, different tints, and energy-efficient coatings. The window design options are classic and minimal, making them perfect for any home!

The company was recently acquired by PGT (mentioned above), so you’ll have even more assurances of top-quality products from this supplier.


cws-logo2) Custom Window Systems (CWS)

Custom Window Systems has manufactured high-quality windows and doors since 1986. Their product line is designed explicitly for hurricane impact zones in Florida and other coastal markets. 

CWS fully displayed the company’s commitment to solid and dependable products during Hurricane Michael in 2018. The Miracle House of Mexico Beach withstood the storm’s Category 5 wrath and featured CWS windows and doors. 

Additionally, the company was the first vinyl window manufacturer to obtain HVHZ approval for Miami-Dade building codes. 

The company was acquired by Pella Corporation in 2018 and will most certainly continue as a top option for impact products. The company still shares a parking lot with Cardinal Glass in Ocala, FL, which helps keep potential lead times to a minimum.


Pella Logo3) Pella Windows & Doors

Pella began as a small business in 1937, quickly growing into a large window manufacturer. Their Hurricane Shield series offers triple-layered, Energy Star compliant windows for coastal zones. They claim that these windows can withstand a 2x4 traveling at 50 feet/second!

Pella Hurricane Shield windows are customizable, energy-efficient, and block 100% of UV rays. They use a unique pressure prevention system that allows their windows to resist the most damaging storms!


Andersen-Windows-Logo4) Andersen Windows

The Andersen brand was founded over 100 years ago and remains popular today. Their standout feature is the wide variety of options available for impact windows. Popular lines include:

  • A-Series: strongest protection
  • E-Series: largest design choice variety
  • 400 Series: affordability
  • 100 Series: high-performance

Their Stormwatch Protection Guarantee means that each product was designed and tested at the highest standard. They also offer extra options like insulation, tinting, UV protection, and noise reduction.

Remember that most of the current Andersen windows on the market are primarily for new construction projects. There is an up-and-coming replacement brand, Renewal by Andersen, to keep an eye on if you need a replacement service.


Marvin Logo5) Marvin Windows

What began in 1912 as a lumber company has emerged as a leader in impact windows. Marvin offers IZ Certified StormPlus windows for coastal locations. Each window is Impact Zone certified and UV resistant with a 20-year warranty.

But durability and function aren't all that Marvin windows are known for. Their standout feature is the stylish design that resembles traditional windows. From modern finishes to vintage varieties, Marvin windows are chic and beautiful.


PGT Windows Logo6) PGT Industries

PGT is a local, Florida-based company that manufactures impact windows at an affordable price. Their WinGuard series is available in aluminum or vinyl frames, each with a 10-year warranty. PGT prides itself on creating the best-selling impact windows in America!

They offer many different styles of windows that are customizable for your decor. Each window design boasts noise reduction and protection from 99% UV rays. But durability is their strength, claiming to withstand the impact of nine pounds traveling at 34 miles/hour!


Simonton Windows Logo7) Simonton Windows

Simonton's Stormbreaker Plus line of impact windows meets the highest standard of building codes.

But the real appeal is the variety and customization aspect of their design. Homeowners can choose from 22 window styles and other options like hardware and color.

The company is located in Dade County and offers affordable, high-quality products. Their windows are shatter resistant and energy-efficient. Simonton windows also block 99% of UV rays and reduce noise by 50%!


Weathershield Logo8) Weather Shield Windows & Doors

Weather Shield's Premium Coastal line of impact windows is designed to resist high-speed winds. A triple-layer design protects your home from:

  • Flying debris
  • Impact damage
  • UV rays
  • External noise

The windows are aluminum-clad wood, designed to look luxurious while providing protection. They offer four styles of windows, as well as patio doors. The design is centered around coastal living with minimal sightlines to frame the beautiful view!


CGI Logo9) CGI Windows

CGI Windows offers two impact product lines at different price points and designs. The Sentinel Collection is the staple line of products offering:

  • Excellent performance
  • Energy efficiency
  • High protection
  • Affordability

The Sparta Collection is a super affordable aluminum line of impact windows and doors. It includes six styles with additional tint and grid options. Additionally, CGI Windows withstand the cannon test - a 9-pound 2×4 shot at 50 feet/second!


Mr Glass Logo10) Mr. Glass

Based in Miami, Mr. Glass offers residential and commercial impact window solutions. They offer six styles of residential impact windows and four patio door designs.

Their windows are tested and certified by a third party for:

  • Hurricane impact
  • Theft prevention
  • Resistance to air and water intrusion

Mr. Glass is one of the leading manufacturers in South Florida! Their MG Impact line is popular with both residential and commercial customers.


ES Windows Logo11) ES Windows

Created in 1988, ES Windows focuses on design, experience, and innovation.

All their products are NFRC and NOA certified. They're also the number one brand for high-rise commercial buildings!

They offer three lines of impact windows:

  • Elite: luxury design, sophisticated, stylish
  • Prestige: modern design, comfortable, appeals to everyone
  • Multimax: affordable design, simple, comfortable

These product lines cover every type of customer while providing style and value. 

  • The Prestige line offers a minimalistic style with energy efficiency, corrosion resistance, and color options. 
  • The Elite line offers numerous design options for colors, sizes, finishes, and glass options.

All ES windows offer temperature control, noise reduction, and maximum protection. If you're looking for style and choice, ES Windows should be your top pick!


While there are other manufacturers that make windows that meet building codes in Broward and Dade counties, we feel that these companies provide the best bang for your buck.


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Impact windows are an essential element of safety for Florida homeowners. This guide to the best impact window brands can help you make the right decision for your family.

We're here for you if you need extra help shopping for windows! Whether comparing window prices or choosing tints, Alco Windows and Doors are the experts. 

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