Do I Need Impact Resistant Windows? A Quick Guide For Homeowners

As a homeowner, you may be thinking about making the switch from traditional to impact-resistant windows. This investment leaves many to wonder what type of windows are the best suited for their home.

  • What is the difference between traditional and impact-resistant glass?
  • Do hurricane resistant windows effectively protect my home from severe storms?
  • Are there other benefits to impact products than storm protection?

These are the types of questions Alco Windows and Doors aims to answer below. This blog post should provide a quick reference for homeowners to determine if they are a prime candidate for needing impact-resistant windows.


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How Traditional and Impact Resistant Windows Differ

two windows comparison finalTraditional and impact-resistant windows often differ due to the materials used in their creation.

Impact-resistant windows come constructed with both tempered and laminated glass. This combination creates a durable product capable of withstanding even the strongest storms. 

Unlike their traditional counterparts, impact windows are strong enough to protect properties from most storm-borne debris and even home invasions!


For Residents Dealing with Exterior Noise

Man blocking ears from noiseResidents of urban areas are no stranger to hearing exterior noises at all times of the day. Traffic, loud pedestrians, dogs barking, and construction are just a few examples of regular unwelcome sounds.

At a time when more people are working from home, it is essential to create a quiet living environment, free from disruptions.

If outside noises are interrupting your sleep or productivity, consider investing in impact-resistant windows. Due to its multi-layered laminated glass, this type of window helps with noise reduction far better than traditional varieties. An impact window can reduce the infiltration of exterior sounds by up to 40%!


For Residents Living in Severe Storm Areas

Home destroyed by hurricaneResidents living in areas susceptible to severe storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes are perhaps the top candidates for investing in impact windows.

In some parts of the country, hurricane windows are a part of local government code requirements.

For example, Miami-Dade County has some of the strictest building codes for wind-borne debris window tests in Florida. In this area, residential and commercial properties are required by law to protect every exterior opening with shutters or impact-resistant windows.

This law is in place because impact products are the greatest asset any property owner can have as part of their severe storm protection plan. Hurricane windows featuring impact glass safeguard your home from severe structural damage but, more importantly, protect your family and loved ones inside.


For Residents at Risk of Home Invasion

Burglar breaking windowA home invasion occurs every 25.7 seconds in the United States. That adds up to more than 3,300 burglaries per day.

This statistic could be why 62% of homeowners name a break-in as their top property crime concern. For this reason, many people look to at-home security cameras to calm their fears.

However, impact windows and doors are also an excellent investment when looking to protect one's home from break-ins.

Intruders often break the glass in a window or door to gain access to a dwelling. This approach is quick and easy, allowing a burglar to break-in without notice. This reality may be the case for traditional windows, but not impact-rated options. 

These types of windows will stand up to blunt-force damage, causing the glass to crack but not shatter. The significant increase in entry time will cause most criminals to abandon efforts to seek an easier target.


Additional Impact Resistant Window Benefits

Impact-resistant windows are an excellent investment for homeowners. Due to their many advantages, installing impact-resistant windows and doors dramatically improves the value of a home.

In addition to the benefits we have already discussed, here are a few bonus reasons to consider purchasing impact windows.

Energy Savings

Impact products automatically make a home more energy-efficient. The insulated glass reduces the amount of cold or hot air that often escapes a property through traditional windows and doors. As a result, homeowners will see a noticeable reduction in monthly energy costs.

Reduced Home Insurance Costs 

Energy costs are not the only thing property owners will save in, but home insurance too. Installing impact-resistant windows with insulating glass can lead to thousands of dollars saved per year in home insurance rates.

UV Protection

Sun damage is the main reason your home's furniture, rugs, and décor become faded over time. Installing impact-resistant windows can protect your belongings by filtering out 99% of UV rays.


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Installing impact-resistant windows is the most significant long-term solution to protecting your home from a variety of dangers. With hundreds of design options to choose from, impact products are the safest and most stylish addition to any home.

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