How Many Florida Homes Are Ready for a Hurricane? Too Few.

Florida is always dealing with the threat of a significant hurricane each year. The state legislature created the Florida Building Code due to the massive destruction of Hurricane Andrew in 1992 that destroyed over 125,000 homes. These strict building requirements focus on giving Florida homes the best protection against the destructive winds and massive flooding of a hurricane.

However, less than 28% of the homes built in Miami-Dade County comply with the Florida Building Code due to the homes constructed before the legislation was created. Ultimately, this creates a significant safety concern as this number means nearly 75% of the homes in South Florida are not required to meet the hurricane building code.

Many homeowners choose to use plywood to protect their home from a hurricane. However, using plywood to cover the windows and doors is a time-consuming process that isn't sufficient to protect your home against the destructive force of a major hurricane.

One of the best ways to stay proactive is to invest in impact-resistant doors and windows that are designed to withstand wind speeds between 210 to 390 miles per hour.

Here is how impact windows and doors can give your Florida home the best protection against the massive force of a hurricane.


Learn More About Hurricane Safety:

#1) Products Backed By Rigorous Testing 


Impact windows and doors must undergo a rigorous testing process to withstand flying de

bris from hurricane-force winds. A design pressure test is used to measure the strength of each window. This test consists of three parts, which include air pressure, water penetration, and structural testing. 

Impact windows in South Florida also must undergo additional testing due to the frequency of hurricanes. Typically, it is a good idea to select a window with a DP 50 rating for the best protection against an intense storm.


#2) A Shatterproof Design

Cracked Impact Glass

Another reason to consider using impact products is due to the shatterproof design. The shatter-resistant film is used on either side of an impact window seals the glass, preventing it from blowing inside your home.

Hurricane impact windows may also include inner membrane technology to prevent the glass from blowing outside as well. You will have the peace of mind knowing you are well-protected from flying debris by using impact windows and doors.


#3) Protection of Structural Integrity

Hurricane Roof DamageKeeping the structural integrity of your Florida home protected is essential during a hurricane. A broken window in your house causes additional pressure that can cause significant damage to your roof. 

One of the best ways to avoid this dire scenario is to invest in impact windows for the ultimate protection. Each window is specially designed to withstand the impact of flying debris even against the destructive force of a category five hurricane.


Additional Benefits of Impact Products

Impact windows and doors are also an excellent option for homeowners due to their energy efficiency and reduction of outside noise. You may also get a tax break and a discount on your insurance premium with the installation of these products.

Many times you can significantly boost the curb appeal of your home, as these windows and doors are available in a variety of styles.



Partner with Alco Windows & Doors for Hurricane Protection Products

Alco Windows & Doors is a Miami based company that installs impact products for homes and businesses in Florida. We understand the importance of hurricane safety, as taking the additional steps to protect your home is essential in South Florida.

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We have many years of experience in the industry, as we take pride in always providing top-quality installations and customer support. Ask us any questions or check out our website to learn more about the many advantages of using impact windows and doors.

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