Why Impact Doors Are Perfect Home Security Features for South FL

According to experts, hurricanes are becoming more frequent and intense. Now is a better time than ever before to install impact doors on your South FL home. These products function extremely well as hurricane doors.

You can read on to learn more about the benefits of installing impact doors in your South FL home.

Remember, impact doors don't just serve as great hurricane doors. They're also excellent home security doors. Beyond that, plenty of other advantages can benefit your Florida home.



What Are Impact Home Security Doors?

Impact door in Miami

Impact doors are doors that include highly durable glass. Originally used for the automotive industry, these panes of glass feature two thick layers of glass. These are bound together with the plastic-like material ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyvinyl butyral (PVB).

When an object hits impact glass, shards don't scatter everywhere. Rather, the plastic keeps the shards of glass together. You will only see a spider web-like pattern form on the glass. This security feature is why impact products commonly appear on top home security add-ons for South Florida homeowners.


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Benefits of Impact Hurricane Doors


As mentioned, the main purpose of impact doors is to keep the residents of a home safe. Threats from severe storms are always a concern for South Florida residents, but impact windows can better protect your home from burglars, too!

Storms and burglar deterrence aren't the only reasons to invest in impact doors. See the other undeniable benefits of purchasing these versatile, reliable home accessories.


1) Protection Against Hurricanes

Impact doors are often also certified hurricane doors, too. If a door is hurricane certified, it means that a government body has ensured that it is strong enough to withstand a hurricane. This means that water won't seep through the edges, the wind won't pull it from the frame, and the flying debris won't cause too much damage to a door.

The glass in impact doors won't shatter and fall out of the frame. Thus, it won't leave your home vulnerable to rain, wind, and other debris when hurricane debris is flying against it.

On top of that, our impact doors are made with tight and strong vinyl, wooden, or aluminum frames. This will ensure your home remains completely safe and secure in bad weather.


2) Protection Against Home Invaders

The ability of the glass in impact doors to not shatter stops home invaders from entering your homes. Usually, home invaders will strike the glass in doors and windows until it falls from the frame. Then they will enter the home through the empty space.

This will only happen if you have impact front doors installed on your home. The glass in these will stay in the frames. The would-be thief will then be unable to enter your home.

Impact windows are safer AND look better than traditional window bars, too.


3) Protection Against UV Rays

Thieves aren't the only thing that impact doors keep out of your home. Because of the multiple layers, it's harder for sunlight to enter your home. Thus, the interior of your home will be exposed to less of the sun's harmful UV rays.

This doesn't just protect your home's occupants from any negative UV rays effects. It also prevents the UV rays from fading the colors of your floors, furniture, etc.


4) Insulation From Outside Noise

The double layers also do an excellent job of keeping noise out of your home. This can make your home much more relaxing during the day if rowdy kids are playing outside. It can also prevent the sounds of a neighbor's noisy party from disturbing your sleep.

In addition, this benefit works both ways. Impact doors can also reduce the amount of noise that your home produces. Thus, if you're the one having a noisy party, you will disturb your neighbors less and create more community harmony.


5) Increased Energy Efficiency

Along with blocking the UV rays that the sun produces, impact doors also block some of the heat that sunlight contains. This will keep the interior of your home much cooler overall on those hot Florida days.

Your home will also consume less energy because you won't have to crank up the AC. This can save you a lot of money on your energy bill. It can also reduce the amount of fossil fuel energy that you use and help the environment.

On top of that, you won't stress your HVAC system with a high amount of intense usage. So, you can also save on the costs of fixing and replacing your HVAC system, if you don't mind.


6) Improved Home Property Values

Any improvement you make to your home can increase the value of your home should you decide to sell it. Many would-be home buyers should be happy to have a home with a feature that has so many benefits.

The glass in impact doors is also beautiful and can increase your home's curb appeal. You may end up making a profit on the price of installing hurricane impact doors.


7) Reduced Insurance Costs

Do you have property insurance? If so, installing impact doors on your home can benefit you financially.

Many insurance companies will see impact doors as a reliable protection system for your home. Thus, if you install impact front doors on your home, they may be willing to reduce the price of your insurance.


8) Customization Options for Any Home Style

There's no need to worry that none of the options an impact door company offers will match your home's decor. Most companies will offer a wide variety of impact door options. In many situations, you can even get customized impact doors.



Let Us Be Your Go-To South FL Impact Door Installer

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In summary, impact home security doors can make your home safer, more comfortable, valuable, and beautiful. With our expertise and range of product options, we'll help you find the best kinds of doors for your home. Our certified specialists ensure you will receive only the highest-quality installation services. Here's what the Alco difference looks like:

  • Better results come from our practice of using superior products during installation, like marine-grade sealants and tap-con screws when mounting new doors.
  • Not only do our installation teams remove your old doors with no fuss, but they also fill in any gaps in your home's concrete. This makes way for a more seamless installation of your new products so that they fit better and resist damage.
  • We follow the standards of the Better Business Bureau and are licensed to conduct business in Florida.
  • We carry full business insurance to protect you and our employees during installation.
  • We guarantee our installation work, so you know that your impact products will last for many years.

Since our beginnings in 2017, we’ve committed to strengthening South Florida communities. Our friends and neighbors deserve a better path to protecting homes and families. 

This mission is why we continually focus on two goals: superior product quality and outstanding customer service. 

We believe our communities can be safer and stronger when people confidently understand how best to protect their homes, families, and livelihoods.



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