6 Undeniable Benefits of Impact Windows for Home Security in South FL

Let's face it, we don't usually consider our windows regarding home security. We may lock all our doors and use black-out curtains, but if an intruder wants to smash your glass, not much can stop them. Or can it?

Installing impact windows is the number-one way to ensure your windows don't break. These types of windows use a combination of a strong frame, tempered glass, and heat-strengthened glass to provide an extra level of protection. As a result, they can resist all kinds of flying debris and burglary attempts.

Here are six benefits of impact windows for your home security.



Benefits of Using Impact Windows for Home Security

impact windows for home security

South FL residents are already familiar with impact glass for storm protection. Many of these benefits cross over to home security as well. Let's explore why impact windows can be so important for home safety:


1. Long-Lasting Reliability

First, impact windows are durable and will stick around for years. Because they're more challenging to break, you can worry less about replacing them. In addition, most of them are rated to function for at least ten to 25 years, depending on the brand.

The exterior tempered glass keeps them from getting too hot. The interior glass provides extra strength. Finally, the glass film prevents shards from blowing all over your home if it somehow breaks. That's why impact windows look better and perform better than traditional window cages.

In addition, they'll be safer to have around in case of a fire. Standard windows may shatter and explode when the air pressure inside grows. Impact windows won't have that problem.


2. A Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Another benefit of impact windows is that you're sure to get a more reliable return on your investment. These things are costly, but they're well worth the cost. Not only do impact windows have more curb appeal, but they can improve your property value.

If you ever move out of your home, the presence of impact windows can make a big difference. In addition, it's beneficial if you live in an area prone to bad weather, such as hurricanes or hail.

The new owners may get better homeowners insurance since more security measures are in place. The insurance company will also know that you'll be less likely to suffer broken windows or other related damage.


3. A Hardened Response to Vulnerable Home Entry Points

It's a common belief that windows are the most vulnerable place in your home. This is because it would be easy for someone to throw a rock through it and gain immediate access to your belongings. There is some truth to this, especially if there's a side window pointed away from the main road.

If a burglar finds your front door too visible or hard to open, they'll find another way. Breaking a window isn't ideal, but it does the job.

A significant benefit of impact windows is that they're shatter-resistant. This is because they have multiple layers of glass that someone would have to get through. In addition, most impact windows are made so that the glass won't just spill out and provide a way in.

Time is a strong consideration for burglars. If the home invasion attempt takes too long, they will leave to find a softer target. Make your windows an entry point they will bypass.

There's a reason why impact windows are commonly included in recommended safety products for South Florida residents.


4. Enhanced Noise Reduction

One issue many people are concerned about is sound leakage. It isn't enjoyable to hear everything happening outside from the comfort of your home. However, it's also dangerous to the people inside if your neighbors can hear everything happening indoors.

There are many ways to soundproof your windows, such as using unique window treatments or heavy curtains. While these can help, they would work much better if used on naturally soundproof impact windows.

Their double-paned nature combined with the polyvinyl membrane helps impact windows reduce noise pollution. As a result, you don't have to worry about anyone loitering on your property and hearing anything you say. At the same time, you can sleep better without the sounds of the street pouring in.


5. Protection from Harmful UV Radiation

Impact windows do more than keep out thieves and criminals. They can also protect your home from harmful UV radiation that can affect your house in various ways.

You encounter UV rays regularly while walking outside, but they're only sometimes wanted indoors. UV radiation can create a chemical reaction in your furniture and artwork. The colors will eventually fade, and electronics may get overheated from direct sunlight.

In addition, impact windows will make your home more energy efficient by reducing how much it heats during the day. As a result, your HVAC system will need to work less strenuously to keep your home cool as the sun blazes down on your house. As a result, you'll use less energy and reduce your carbon footprint.


6. Stronger Storm Protection

A significant benefit of impact windows is that they can protect your home from storm damage. Florida is well known for its stormy weather, from its tropical storms to its massive hurricanes. As a result, it's not uncommon to see cardboard taped to a building's windows to stop debris from crashing in.

It's not just the wind that is a danger to your home. For example, if a window or door collapses, the pressure built up inside could cause the roof to come off. Shattered glass can also begin to swirl around and injure anyone nearby.

While most homeowners insurance can cover the cost of a broken window, it could be a more pleasant process. While waiting for everything to get authorized, you have this gaping hole in the side of your house that any creature can crawl through.

On top of that, there won't be as much concern about a burgled home if you have to vacate the area during a destructive hurricane. Broken windows invite theft, and impact windows don't break easily.



Improve Your Home Security With Impact Windows Today

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There are around 2.5 million burglaries every year in the United States.

According to the FBI, most burglaries occur through forced entry. This means that you should find innovative ways to keep your home protected against intruders.

Impact windows are worth the investment to keep your home safe. They're break-resistant, can keep your home cooler, and will often pay for themselves. In addition, they are often listed as the most reliable, affordable home safety investments one can make for improving your home.

Alco Windows and Doors has all the impact products you could want, from windows to garage doors. We also do custom windows and doors for your unique situation.

Contact us to book a free estimate appointment today or learn more about protecting your South FL home with our FREE home security guide.


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