Cut the Long Lead Time for Windows Installation With Cardinal Glass

Installing impact windows for your South Florida home is key to providing you with much-needed hurricane protection. However, getting new product to the job site in a timely manner is a difficult task due to issues with the global supply chain. What can you do to cut your potential time to installation?

One way to overcome this big challenge is to use window manufacturers in the United States. While impact windows made in America are more expensive, they will get to the job site quicker to help expedite the entire process.


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Alco Windows and Doors Partners with Cardinal Glass

Alco Windows and Doors recently partnered with Cardinal Glass to alleviate supply chain issues with window manufacturers. Cardinal Glass is located in the United States, as they can manufacture and ship custom windows to the job site in 18 to 20 weeks.

On the other hand, the waiting process is typically 20 to 24 weeks for replacement windows built outside of the United States. Choosing to work with a domestic manufacturing business is a great way to avoid many challenges with the supply chain while also preventing costly delays.


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Meet Cardinal Glass - Your Long Lead Time Solution

Cardinal Glass Industries is one of the leaders in manufacturing residential impact glass for windows and doors. The company has over 7,000 employees with 37 manufacturing locations throughout the United States. Cardinal Glass also heavily focuses on research and development, as they have three different centers located in Florida, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Constantly testing new ideas to further improve their products and boost safety is always a top priority for the organization. 

Cardinal Glass specializes in a wide range of glass products, which includes insulating glass, laminated glass, custom windows, float glass, and coated glass. Choosing to install laminated glass for your South Florida home is an excellent way to give you the best hurricane protection.

These impact windows will remain intact during a hurricane and severe weather, as the glass fragments will adhere to the plastic interlayer to avoid shattering into pieces in your home. You can also customize this glass in different sizes and shapes to ensure all of the openings in your house are well-protected with impact glass.


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A History of Cardinal Glass

Cardinal Glass Industries was initially founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota by M.L. Gordon. Decades of experience in the industry allowed Cardinal Glass to implement new designs, such as introducing triple-pane insulating glass to help improve energy efficiency in 1977. The company also began using silicone dual-seal insulating glass the next year to increase durability. 

Almost a decade later, they introduced argon gas for insulating glass units to further improve energy efficiency. More recently, Cardinal Glass has made design improvements to provide a clearer view with its next-generation coating technology. Ultimately, Cardinal Glass is never satisfied with the status quo but is always looking at ways to improve upon its products.


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Additional Reasons to Consider Impact Windows Made in America

Installing impact glass for your home in South Florida is essential for hurricane protection. You can choose from many different design options, whether you need single-hung replacement windows, double-hung custom windows, casement, or vinyl windows. Using impact windows made in America will help you to avoid headaches with the supply chain, and you also get to support a company based in the United States with decades of experience in the glass industry.

Partnering with Cardinal Glass for impact windows is a great way to give your South Florida home additional protection against today's ever-changing and often unpredictable weather patterns. Installing impact glass will ensure you stay in compliance with local building codes to ensure you are well-protected at all times. Cardinal Glass also applies Cardinal's LoE³ coatings to each glass to further improve energy efficiency, which can save you plenty of money on your utility bill during the summer.


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Other Benefits of Installing Impact Windows

Choosing to install impact windows made in America offers much more than convenience and hurricane protection. For example, the laminated glass in these windows filters out harmful UV rays to protect your household items.

The unique design of these windows also makes it much more challenging for criminals to break into your home due to their ability to withstand significant force. Additional benefits of impact glass include reducing outside noise, and they can help lower your insurance premiums.


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Why Impact Glass is Essential for South Florida

Hurricanes are a major threat each year for anyone living in South Florida. The damages from a hurricane can devastate a home and make it nearly impossible to recover from these storms. Staying proactive by installing impact glass throughout your home is key to hurricane protection, and it's much more effective than using shutters or plywood to cover your windows.

Cardinal Glass manufacturers impact-resistant glass for customers in South Florida and many other coastal areas. Custom windows are available for each opening in your home, whether it's brand new construction or if you need replacement windows.

Hurricanes will always remain a big threat for anyone living in South Florida, as installing impact glass with a top manufacturer is a great investment that will last for decades.


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Contact Alco Windows and Doors to Install Impact Products from Cardinal Glass

Alco Windows and Doors is one of the top installers of impact glass in South Florida. We work with the most popular window manufacturers in the industry to ensure you receive the best hurricane protection. You can also choose from a wide range of options, whether you need single hung custom windows, horizontal roller, vinyl windows, and much more. 

Our experienced team will ensure everything meets your expectations, and we are always happy to answer any of your questions about impact windows made in America. We also specialize in impact doors, impact garages, and customized options to meet your needs.

Feel free to contact Alco Windows and Doors for a no-cost consultation today by filling out an online form or call us at 305-376-7136 to learn more about installing impact windows manufactured in the United States!


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