How Momnt Helps FL Homeowners Overcome High Impact Windows Prices

Purchasing hurricane-proof windows is a great option for keeping your South Florida home protected against severe weather. However, the cost of installing hurricane-proof windows is a major drawback for many people. You need a partner that offers a top-notch financing experience. That option is Momnt. 

First off, let’s revisit the fact that impact-resistant windows are an amazing option for protecting your home from severe weather. Impact products can also beautify your home as they come in in numerous styles and colors. The resulting combination of safety and attractive presentation will dramatically increase the curb appeal (and value) of your home. Impact windows also provide many other benefits, such as protecting you against UV rays, reducing outside noise, and improving energy efficiency. 

With all those benefits, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Impact windows prices are much higher than traditional windows. Don’t despair, though. Partnering with a financing company is a popular option you should explore for upgrading your home.

Alco Windows and Doors is sharing our top financing options for homeowners interested in impact-resistant windows. Momnt is one of those quality companies with a solid track record of assisting Miami-Dade homeowners.

Here are a few of the main advantages of partnering with Momnt for financing the cost of your next impact windows project.


Advantage #1: A Paperless Application Process

The digital platform of Momnt makes it easy to apply for a loan for installing impact-resistant windows. You don't have to waste any time filling out countless paperwork or scanning documents.

Everything is done online, which is much more efficient than scheduling an appointment at an office or spending all of your time waiting on the phone.

Overall, this is a much less time-consuming process compared to other financing options.


Advantage #2: No Collateral Needed for Approval

An added benefit of partnering with Momnt for financing is that you don't have to worry about a lien being put on your home if you can't pay. On the other hand, getting a home equity line of credit (HELOC) will often require you to put your home as collateral.

The HELOC process also takes up a lot more time, as you have to gather paperwork, visit a bank, and provide additional documentation before you are approved for a loan.


Advantage #3: Apply Without Impacting Your Credit

Another reason to consider Momnt is that it doesn't make a negative impact on your credit score. The soft credit pull gives you the flexibility to look at other offers before you make a decision.

Items that appear on a soft credit inquiry are the same as a hard inquiry, such as your payment history with other loans or lines of credit, tax liens, and any other public records in your name.


Advantage #4: Take Advantage of Flexible Payment Options

Momnt gives you the ability to choose from a variety of payment plans to best meet your needs. These multiple promotional financing options are based on your budget needs.

For example, you can receive a loan of up to $55,000 for covering the cost of impact windows prices for your home. You also have a five-month purchase window for spending your loan, as you won't owe anything if you decide not to spend this money, and your loan will be closed.


Advantage #5: No Early Payment Fees

Paying off your loan before it's due is a great way to save extra money. Momnt makes it possible for you to pay off your loan for hurricane-proof windows early without worrying about any early payment fees.

You can also make payments online or by using the phone, whichever is the most convenient. For additional security, you will need to remember your Loan Number and Security Pin for verifying your identity if you make payments on the phone.


momnt application process impact windows

How to Begin the Application process with Momnt

Understanding how to start the application process with Momnt is important if you need a loan to cover the cost of impact windows prices. Fortunately, Momnt makes it simple to apply for financing for impact-resistant windows through its digital platform.

You only need to get an application from an approved provider of Momnt. You can submit your application online and choose from numerous pre-qualified offers.

Afterward, you will get approved and funded while having up to five months to spend this money with your merchant for covering the cost of windows for your home.


Momnt Makes it Easy to Repay Your Loans

Momnt makes it easy to repay your loan through its digital platform. The secure login process keeps your data protected, as you can easily view monthly statements.

You can set up automatic payments in minutes, as you won't have to worry about forgetting to make a payment for your hurricane-proof windows. All you need to do is visit, or you can give them a call at 855-943-3485 if you prefer to make payments on the phone.


Additional Considerations When Exploring Impact Windows Financing

Choosing to use Momnt for financing is a better option compared to using cash or credit cards. Most homeowners don't have the extra cash on hand for covering the cost of windows.

However, Momnt gives you the ability to receive immediate money without paying any interest for 6 to 24 months. Partnering with Momnt is also better than using credit cards, as these interest rates are usually much higher and credit limits often prevent you from fully funding the cost of installing hurricane-proof windows.


Momnt Financing Alco Installations

Partner With Momnt for Financing, Partner With Alco for Installation

Alco Windows & Doors can keep your Miami-Dade home well-protected during hurricane season by installing impact-resistant windows and doors for your home.

Our experienced team at Alco can help you choose from a variety of options to ensure you are well-satisfied with your purchase. We work with the best manufacturers of impact-resistant windows in the industry, such as ES Windows, CGI Windows & Doors, Mr. Glass, Eco Windows Systems, and many more.

Providing superior protection against hurricane season with top-quality products is our priority at Alco Windows and Doors. We are also a proud partner with Momnt, as they can offer financing options to help cover the cost of impact windows prices. Our team is also a phone call away if you ever have any questions about installing hurricane-proof windows for your home.

Give Alco Windows & Doors a call or send us a message to learn how Momnt can help you finance the cost of windows for your South Florida home!


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