Why is My Impact Window Installation Taking So Long? Here's the Reason

The frustration is real. You ordered impact windows for your home and you can't wait to get them installed. But your product delivery time is taking so long! 8 weeks. 12 weeks. What's going on?

Understanding the reasons behind product delays can help you know what to expect when buying in 2022. We'll show you how impact windows go from the factory to your home, and what is currently causing longer than normal delivery times.


Understanding the Impact Window Order Process

Let's start at the beginning. You just signed the forms and submitted your deposit. Your consultant shared a "lead time" for product delivery. Right now, you probably received an estimate of 12-24 weeks. Wow! Is this normal?

Under usual circumstances, no, you would not have to wait this long to get your impact windows delivered. The average lead time is usually 6-12 weeks, depending on the products ordered. The issue, like many others right now, comes down to supply availability.

Because impact windows use such specialized components, each order is custom-made at a factory. There are many impact windows manufacturers in South Florida. These companies have the shortest lead times if supplies for making impact windows are not scarce.

Additionally, some of these factories have recently closed down, leading to a product backlog that is being worked through as quickly as possible.

Other impact window brands with higher production capacities are working overtime and weekends at their existing factory locations. This means longer lead times for everyone - not just you!


Order Delays DO DEPEND on Product Quality

As mentioned previously, impact windows use highly-specialized components to ensure the safety and reliability they have come to be known for.

Impact windows feature three basic parts: impact-resistance glass, impact panels, and impact frames.

Impact glass is not comparable to glass found in traditional windows. It is stronger to prevent shattering into dangerous pieces that could injure people.

Impact panels are the clear layer of impact-resistant polyurethane or plastic panels that fill the impact frame and cover the glass. They protect against projectiles from outside, such as bullets, rocks, hailstones, golf balls - anything about 45mph! Plus they help keep out exterior noise.

Impact frames are the impact window's skeleton. Usually constructed from aluminum or vinyl, these materials can become less available depending on material availability.

ALL impact windows feature these three dependable parts. But there are windows that feature stronger materials, and those are taking longer to make due to material shortages!

Any window models using PVV & SGP components can expect much longer order times. Additionally, vinyl (used for impact frames) is currently not largely available, meaning windows using this frame material can also expect delays.


Then There's Quality Assurance...

To ensure that impact windows meet the highest safety standards in the industry, they must be tested by a third-party laboratory before leaving the factory. This testing process can take anywhere from two days to one week per order!


What Can I Do to Get Orders More Quickly?

You have options!

Choice #1:

You can pay a rush fee to receive impact windows sooner. This is not a charge for the product, but an additional fee that expedites delivery time by increasing factory production capacity and prioritizing your order within their schedule. The cost of this option depends on how soon you need impact windows - so contact your impact window provider for more information!

Choice #2:

You can simply wait it out. Because impact windows are made to last, you will be happy with the results of your impact window project in one year or five years from now - no matter how long they take to arrive at your door!

For more information on impact windows and their features, visit www.alcoimpact.com/impact-windows.


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In Uncertain Times, Choose the Dependable Installer

We are sorry that you have to wait this long for your impact windows - but rest assured, impact windows are not only made with safety in mind but they're also built to last a lifetime! Learn more about how to get the best deal on impact windows - just for Miami residents! 

Alco Windows and Doors is South Florida's impact windows and doors experts. Our consultants take the time to listen and communicate throughout the entire process - meaning you understand what's happening every step of the way!

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